Quest For The Holy Ale
The Year The Pubs Stood Still
AUGUST 22nd 2020 - 11:00

About The Holy Ale

In its simplest form, Quest for the Holy Ale is a Sheffield based pub-crawl that features good friends going out early, supping a selection of beers and having a great time. Drinking pace is very relaxed to ensure that the protagonists don't end up completely hammered by 3pm. The advantages of having an 'all dayer' include pubs being quieter, more time to visit lots of venues and no concerns about the last orders bell.

Initially, around 2004, quests were held on a Friday and people would take the day off work to attend. Recently, however, they've been switched to Saturdays for convenience.

Typically, a quest will start at 11:00am and will finish when the last person goes home. There is a pre-planned route but this is very much open to variance on the day. Over the years, dozens of pubs have featured in Holy Ale adventures, some of which are no longer with us. Since the 3rd quest, many photos and notes have been taken as a memento for future generations.

Members of a quest are subject to an ancient and sacred ranking system. Newbies start as a Serf and attain greater status when they show loyalty to the cause. This includes attending multiple quests and starting quests early. To become a Knight of the HOOHAK, an individual must have proved themselves beyond doubt and they must have supped from 'The Vase'.
Not much is known about the HOOHAK, only that they are a bunch of mysterious beings that seek for the Holy Ale. You can read about their first appearance here.

Next time you're drinking in a Sheffield pub, have a glance around at the clientele. The HOOHAK may be watching you!


Quest News

Unsteady Ground
Posted: July 2020
Time is flying by and there is less than a month before HA17. Whilst a lot of ale houses are open again, the drinking experience is no longer just a case of walking to the bar, buying a pint of Thropards Old Belcher and giving your mates a big kiss. You now have to book tables, whisper your vital statistics to the barman, break wind 2 metres apart and clean your cue and balls with a sterilised towel. It's a complex affair.

The 17th quest is still expected to happen but there are no guarantees. A few taverns will probably be getting a call from Sir Gerald Blower in the final week of countdown. Let's see what happens...

Back On Track
Posted: June 2020
After what should have been a glorious 17th quest, it didn't take long for the HOOHAK and brethren to conjure up a new date. August 22nd has now been set aside for the next Holy Ale! It's hoped that pubs will be getting back to their feet by then and everyone can sup in safety. Watch this space.

HA17 Postponed
Posted: May 2020
With a week to go, there is no possibility of Quest For The Holy Ale 17 taking place. All pubs are still closed and could remain so for at least another 6 weeks. The HOOHAK will not attempt to set another date until a clearer picture of the future has emerged.

We hope folks are staying safe and look forward to riding forth again in the Summer or Autumn.

Bleak Times
Posted: Early April 2020
In the space of a few weeks, COVID-19 has come upon us like a horrible tide. Springtime is here but people lock themselves away, afraid of the invisible evil that lurks in every village, town and city. All the pubs are closed and there are no plans to re-open them, for now.

It's almost certain that Holy Ale 17 will not take place. The clock will be left to count down but it's hard to see how any semblance of normality will have returned by 30th May.

HA17 Is Official!
Posted: March 2020
It was looking like the HOOHAK were still slumbering but Sir Quentin of the Hollow Legs has come forth with a determined stride and secured Saturday May 30th 2020 for the next chapter of Holy Ale!

Initial reports are that at least 4 veterans will be out from the start. The route is yet to be published but it's rumoured that the ASS (Ancient Spreadsheet of Supping) is bursting with unvisited boozers, all ready for the 17th quest.

Farewell 2019
Posted: December 2019
Despite one of the best years for HOOHAK get-togethers, including some fabulous dinnertime starts featuring a whole bunch of cracking new boozers, an official quest never materialised. Due to the mysterious nature of the Holy Ale, this is not an uncommon phenomenon and has been witnessed several times in the past.

The elders will work hard to make Holy Ale 17 happen in 2020!

We wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year!

Yet To Materialise
Posted: September 2019
It's one of those years when quests are proving difficult to arrange. The HOOHAK will be out again this weekend but it won't be for the much anticipated 17th adventure. With summer all but over, the chances of seeing another Holy Ale in 2019 are fading fast.

Still Waiting
Posted: May 2019
With May almost over, we still await news about Holy Ale 17. The HOOHAK have already had some super sessions this year but, as yet, no official quest has been announced. On Saturday 1st June the Knights are visiting the Dronfield Beer and Cider Festival to check out some new venues and to meet up with a familiar face. If you see the HOOHAK, ask for a Tequila Sunrise. ;)